You want to sell your property? Then entrust us with the legal preparation of all documents important for the sale of a property in Spain. You will receive a sales folder with all relevant documents, if desired multilingual in German, English and Spanish. In addition, you will receive the right to advertise your property with our seal of approval “Certified Real Estate”.

For the sale of your property, legal documentation is the be-all and end-all. Be aware that a person interested in buying your house is probably buying a property abroad for the first time and will therefore naturally be uncertain. The more security you can give a prospective buyer, the more secure and comfortable he will feel. And the sooner he will be prepared to pay the purchase price you demand.

1. What is the problem?

In Spain there are many properties with partly serious legal problems. For the often inexperienced buyer, mostly not familiar with Spanish law, this leads to great uncertainty. He can not really judge whether “his” property from a legal point of view is in order and if he can trust the assertions of the sellers and real estate agents. Moreover, he will not even notice many potential problems because he has no idea of their possible existence in the foreign country and in the legal system that is unknown to him.

For prospective buyers we offer therefore our complete package real estate acquisition Spain, which contains also the examination of the real estate in legal regard and the support of the entire purchase process. But why wait? Gain an advantage over other sellers and take over the legal examination of the property and the preparation of the sales documents from the prospective buyer.

You are of the opinion that this is actually the task of the broker? So do we. But unfortunately, many real estate agents lack the legal qualifications for this and, in particular, the interest to put their finger on the sore spot, i.e. to identify problems of the property and to solve them already in the run-up to the marketing. One can only speculate about the reasons for this …

2. Our solution – perfect sales folder and the seal of approval “Certified Real Estate”

With our sales folder, which we can design in several languages on request, for 750 Euro plus 21% IVA for the sale of your property you will receive an optimal means to give even worried and inexperienced prospective buyers the security that can ultimately tip the scales in favour of your property.

On request, your sales folder can be supplemented with pictures taken by a professional photographer for an additional charge of 300 Euro + 21% IVA and thus be optimally staged for advertisements on the Internet. Your sales folder will be perfected by an integrated expert opinion of a recognized building surveyor on the structural condition of the property at a price of 750 Euro + 21% IVA. Here, even minor defects that you cannot or do not want to correct before a sale can be documented transparently for the prospective buyer with an estimated cost.

With the additional seal of approval “Certified Real Estate” for 950 Euro + 21% IVA, which you may also use in advertisements, you signal to prospective buyers at first sight that everything is correct with your property – checked by a lawyer.

Is the investment of up to 3,327.50 euros including IVA worthwhile? From our experience we can guarantee you:

Yes, it’s worth it.

So far, we have often experienced that uncertainties and ambiguities among prospective buyers lead to them refraining from buying or depressing the purchase price. By investing in our sales folder and in the legal examination and preparation you can prevent such uncertainties among prospective buyers and counteract attempts to reduce the purchase price right from the start. In addition, the perfect preparation and the already completed legal examination with a certificate from an accredited law firm with a German lawyer with a European licence to practise law may be the decisive factor in favour of your property.

This approach also offers the possibility of perhaps dispensing with the use of a broker altogether. Unfortunately, there are very few committed brokers. In my many years of work, I have only very rarely dealt with brokers who really made an effort to prepare the documents well. It is common that the seller also pays a commission to the broker of 2 – 3 % of the sales price + 21% IVA. For example, if the selling price is 200,000 Euros, this results in a commission for the broker of 4,000 – 6,000 Euros plus 21% IVA. A lot of money for little performance.

You must also consider that the buyer usually has to pay another 2-3% to the real estate agent. The prospective buyer will consider such costs within his budget and add them to the total price in the end. As a consequence, this means less money for you as the seller.

If you have further questions or would like to discuss details with us, please feel free to call us at any time:

phone number: +34 856 145 507

Or write us a message, for example using our contact form.

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