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In Germany, the Legal Advice Act and, since 1 July 2008, the Legal Services Act protected the market from unqualified providers by regulating the service sector “legal advice” and – with a few exceptions – allowing lawyers alone.

The same applies in Spain. Here too, out-of-court legal advice – with exceptions for the area of social and labour law – is actually reserved for lawyers; cf. Article 9 of the Law on the Legal Profession (Estatuto General de la Abogacia – Decréto Real 2090/1982 of 24 July 1982).

Nevertheless, there is a large number of providers of legal services in Spain, some of whom address interested German- and English-speaking persons seeking advice on the Internet, sometimes without any relevant and above all verifiable qualification. Often articles written by lawyers are “adapted” for their own Internet site and published as proof of supposedly own expertise, or they advertise with reference to cooperating lawyers and tax consultants. With very low fees they try to recruit their own clients. Even if lawyers and tax consultants are actually involved, they often do not have any knowledge of German or English inheritance and tax law – but this is indispensable for comprehensive advice.

Offering such legal services, especially in the field of real estate acquisition and inheritance law, to interested parties resident in Germany is not permitted under Spanish law, but also under the Legal Services Act. Simply by choosing or indicating an office location in Spain, the regulation by German law cannot be circumvented. This was decided by the German Federal Court of Justice in its decision of 5 October 2006 (Case No. I ZR 7/04), still under application of the Legal Services Act.

In particular you should consider however that in view of often substantial investments in real estates in Spain or in addition, in view of the meaning of correct inheritance transactions both in civil, and in tax criminal regard, an advisor without proven qualification might hardly be the correct choice. With a wrong consultation you will not be able to hope with such offerers regularly for a financial loss liability insurance.

Therefore better to the lawyer

The clear recommendation can therefore only be to be advised and represented by a licensed lawyer with proven qualifications, particularly in Spain.

Here you not only get qualified advice, but are also protected in case of wrong advice. Just like lawyers in Germany, lawyers admitted to the bar in Spain also have a pecuniary damage liability insurance.

And why should you come to us now? 

Lawyer Gerald Freund is duly registered as a European Lawyer with the Seville Bar Association and is therefore authorised to advise and represent you.

Due to our extensive knowledge of German and English inheritance and tax law, we are able to advise you comprehensively and in accordance with the laws of both countries. A big difference to other competitors.

However, we also differ from other law firms by our maxim “Alles anders als alle anderen.” (German language, means ‘All different than any other.’). You can read more about this under

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Alles anders als alle anderen.


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