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Enjoy the difference

What do we mean by “enjoy the difference“?

It’s about our philosophy, our work ethic. Surely you have already experienced that a service provider has not contacted you as desired. Or you have waited in vain for promised documents and copies, had to ask several times until you finally received them. The entire communication with the service provider and the support of your request somehow did not correspond to your wishes and ideas.


We are different.

Try it out and experience the difference.


What you can expect from us:


Absolute integrity towards our clients is a matter of course for us. Of course some things take a little longer in Spain than you are used to at home. But don’t worry: no journey is too long for us. We will finish things with you. A trusting cooperation between lawyer and client is very important to us.


You can always rely on us. We keep our promises and are always available for you – if not in person, then at least by e-mail, the receipt of which we always confirm and which we usually answer within 24 hours. We always have an open ear for you.


We attach great importance to the transparency of our activities. Like you, we keep you informed about our preferred approach and the next steps. You will always receive a copy of all documents that reach or leave our office in your case. If you are not sure how to proceed or where your case currently stands, please contact us. We will gladly explain it to you.

Professionalism & efficiency

We work professionally and efficiently. For this purpose we use all available modern means of communication and information sources.

Our professionalism also includes the fact that we are always open to your criticism. Should you ever be dissatisfied, please tell or write us.  We will always try to live up to your trust and your wishes.



Our principles also include the respectful treatment of clients, opponents, business and cooperation partners. Only those who show respect to others can expect to be respected themselves. We do not use any tricks, we do not deceive, and we also keep to verbal promises, because we only give them if they are realistic and can be fulfilled.

Clarity in fees

The keywords transparency, professionalism and respect also include the issue of fees. In contrast to what is often practised in Andalusia, we also talk to you about this topic from the very beginning. We will tell you – as far as it can be seriously calculated in advance – before the start of the work, what fee amount you have to expect and how much we will charge you an advance.

It is important to us and of fundamental importance for the client relationship to discuss the subject of fees at the beginning, so that misunderstandings and disagreements are avoided.


Please note that the information submitted with this form is transmitted unencrypted and can therefore be read by many people. Please do not send us any confidential information this way, but ask us to call you back. We will then show you a way to send us your information in confidence.

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